Answers to Questions about How to Pass a Urine Drug Test or Other Drug Tests

Many questions are often raised by candidates facing drug tests. Such questions could be how I can pass a urine drug test, how I can pass a drug test in just 2 days or in a week, and how to pass a blood, saliva, or hair follicle drug test?  Below we try the most appropriate answers to these questions.


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Persons facing drug tests often have a number of questions nagging at the back of their minds. Getting answers to these questions can considerably reduce their tensions about passing the drug test and at the same time help such people prepare for the upcoming drug test.


So here we go.


Question 1 – How I can pass a Urine Drug Test?

Answer – Urine drug tests are the simplest of all the drug tests. It is easy to beat a urine drug test using various methods.

  • Drug traces remain in urine for maximum 5 days in case of non-regular users of drug and up to 3 weeks in case of regular users.
  • Discontinuance of drug use and detoxifying the body using quality detox products like Supreme Klean Ultra Detox drinks can help.
  • To replace original urine, synthetic urine kit from Supreme Klean can be used.
  • Fake penis to pass drug test can be used but there are chances of detection.
  • Home remedies like using a lot of fluids, juices, and vinegar may not give the desired results and are not advisable.


Question 2 – How to beat a drug test in 2 days?

Answer – it largely depends on the type of drug tests. The following methods might work.

  • For urine or saliva drug test using quality detoxification products like Supreme Klean Ultra detox mouth wash, 1 hour flush capsules, or Supreme Klean ultra detox drinks can work very well. At the same time the use of drugs should be discontinued.
  • For passing a drug test in two days the only way is to mask the drug traces in the body and quality detox products from Supreme Klean brand can help.


Question 3 – How I can pass a drug test in a week?

Answer – Unlike the 24 hours or two days drug test the prospective candidate will get around a week’s time now and he or she should use it to the full advantage. Besides discontinuance of any drug or medicines containing such drugs use, they should take advantage of products like Supreme Klean 7-day Complete Detox kit and such others that will help them cleanse the body of any drug traces without requiring masking of these elements.


Question 4 – How I can pass an important hair follicle drug test?

Many candidates and experts consider hair follicle drug test almost unbeatable. Reason is that these tests use most advanced techniques and can detect drug traces from hair strands collected till 90 days or even more. Neither home remedies nor simple discontinuance of drug use can help in this case for complete detoxification. The only feasible method is using high quality Supreme Klean Ultra detox hair shampoo that will not only cleanse the body but also the root of the hair and enable the candidate to pass the drug test.


In the ultimate analysis only high quality detox products and not home remedies that can help one pass the drug test convincingly.